About Us

Traditional online dating is far from the top dating trend right now. Sure, it’s still the mainstream and most popular route people choose to follow, but not everyone. A huge proportion of people want freedom, no strings attached, independence and they want their space. Traditional relationships don’t cater for this, but casual relationships and hookups are what you want them to be. Maybe it’s the thrill, the excitement or maybe it’s the prospect of being in control and having the freedom. Whatever the reason, it’s important for you to feel comfortable and accepted in this lifestyle, which is why we created this site. For you.

To help you start and maintain this foot loose and fancy-free lifestyle, we have reviewed a number of hookup and dating sites in order to give you an overview. You haven’t got time to sign up to loads of sites and sift through all the rubbish ones to find the few amazing ones, so we have done it for you. Here, we sent in a team of website reviewers of all calibres to delve deeper. This will help you get a better idea of how those sites function and what their features are, meaning you can pin point the sites suitable for you, quicker. It also means you can see the pros and cons of a site including how they work and what they cost, by barely lifting a finger.  

In terms of what this team look for and document, they will look at a number of things.

This includes:

  • User ability – is it user friendly and easy to navigate. Can anyone use it?
  • Sign up – Is signing up easy and quick or a drawn-out process
  • Features – What good and bad features does it have.
  • Value for money – What does the site cost and what do you get for it.
  • And finally, Is the site worth your time?

This makes it incredibly easy for you to spot the sites that are most likely to suit your style. Finding a decent site when the majority of them require purchasing a membership is an absolute mine field, so we are here to make sure you continue your journey in one piece. It will help give you information on what you might expect, overlook or want to completely avoid.

Of course, everyone is different too. So, what one person may like, another person may absolutely hate. You might really get a kick out of having extra features like adult games but the next person might hate the distraction and want to focus on the task in hand. Finding a hook up. And so you all shall, in your own way. It’s our job to aid you in this quest and help point you in the right direction.

The bottom line is and always, of course, HAVE FUN!

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