Join in with hundreds of members sharing photos, uploading videos and watching live cams plus matching for hook ups. There’s so much to be explored on this site, you’ll need some time to have a look around and do some ‘research’, wink, wink.

Are you ready for some fun?

If you aren’t sure this is right site for you, take a look at some of the sneak peaks below.


How easy is the sign up?

Signing up to Fling.com is as easy as putting your socks on! And quicker actually. It will take you a couple of minutes at the moment to answer a few quick questions and enter your details.

You’ll notice straight away, you can sign up as a single gender or as a couple, and there are a fair few couples on there too I might add.

Once you have answered all the normal questions and added your email address (make sure it is a real one and not a fake one as you will need access to it! TIP: Make a dump email account for these sites so it doesn’t interfere with your everyday emails), you’ll be directed to this page to start setting up your profile. Admittedly the preferences seem a little underwhelming and somewhat limiting but I don’t think you have to tick a box there unless you are really stipulating you want a certain set of criteria.

The next screen you will see has a handful of pictures from members profiles and it’s your job to tick the ones you find hot. I’ll be interested to see what they come back with then the majority of them were headless with naked bodies but I did my bit. Tick! Fling.com will then try to match you with similar profiles or in this case based on my ticks, lots of headless women. Could get interesting there!


Once you are good to go, you’ll need to verify your email address. Luckily you don’t have to do this straight away but sooner rather than later would be better. You are given a free account to start with but they send you to an upgrade screen after the above clicking session and there’s no ‘no’ button but if you click the fling.com logo it will send you to your home screen. Then you can take a look around at the site and see what the platform is like.

Remember your powers at this point will be pretty limited and communication is reserved for

Paid Membership

You’ll need to upgrade in order to use the site properly, if you don’t, you won’t be able to create your hook ups. So with that in mind, lets talk about the different upgrades you can choose from.


Are they worth it? Well, it depends on how you want to look at it. Most trials can’t be cancelled within 30 days which means you’ll get charged the monthly amount. Even if it could be cancelled, you still need to consider the value of it against paying the monthly amount. The 7 day trial for example is $9.95, that’s a third of the monthly package price, meaning you get less days than if you just paid for the monthly trial.

The actual monthly terms then discount in price the longer you choose. You may not want to be a member for 12 months but if you consider the fact that using it for 2 months (on the monthly rolling term) is the same cost as using it for 6 months term.

The best value is obviously the 12 month term but that’s a long financial commitement to make if you aren’t serious about continuing your freedom like this. The 6 month term is probably more realistic but it really depends on your situation and your preference. Go for a longer term though if you can, to avoid extra charges.


  • Instant messaging – talk to members straight away without a reply delay
  • Live cams – see and join in with live webcams
  • Member videos – watch private videos members have uploaded and upload some yourself if you feel like sharing.
  • Live bar – on the right hand side there’s a live notifications bar, this can be hidden and brought back into view within seconds. It will show you your activity centre and notifications like members sharing explicit photos, profile visits and more.
  • Games – on your dashboard you’ll see games pop up like ‘who’s cute’, you can rate up to 50 users a day with it and it will help you get noticed. You will need a photo on your profile though to join in.
  • Advanced searches give you a number of different criteria and platforms to use
  • Can be used on mobile devices too for hook ups on the move


You should probably give this a go; the features and the layout are definitely worth your time. It’s an easy site to use but not too basic and there’s links to sister sites like webcams and tokens to use on them. The atmosphere on the site is friendly and open, you can be yourself and meet like minded people.

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