Flirt is easy to use, filled with hundreds of members and has some great features. It’s modern and friendly, like that café around the corner with the comfy sofa.

Join in with the social community while you arrange meets and flirt until your hearts content.

How easy is the sign up?

If you are looking for a site that can set you up in less than 60 seconds and doesn’t force you to verify your email address straight away, you’ve got it. Flirt literally takes seconds to create your profile and get you on the site. You can also sign in via Facebook.

After popping your details in, you’re thrown into this page to choose your screenname and pop a few quick details about yourself.

TIP – Your screen name does matter, so choose it wisely.

After this you have access to the landing page and can have a sneak peak around the website.


To start with you have free access to the site, giving you a little free rain to have a look around. You won’t be able to chat to members or see much but it will help you get to grips with the site itself.

Paid Membership

While there are 3 other monthly packages, you can also use their trial to get a sneak peak at the premium features.

The trial is for 3 days but Flirt will also give you an extra 2 days for free! That’s a total of 5 days for the price of 3, which is $2.97. That’s not bad value for 5 days of fun.

The premium upgrades allow you to look at big photos, have access to extended searches, enjoy unlimited chatting and so much more. And if you start with the trial, you can always change to one of the other terms.


  • 1 month – $29.99
  • 3 months – $21.79
  • 6 months – $13.52

Currently Flirt are offering a staggering 30% off their monthly costs, that’s a lot of money. If you are struggling to know which term to choose, have a quick think about how long you realistically intend on using their services for. If you are thinking not long so you’ll just get a month or maybe 2, you’ll fall into the trap of letting the monthly plan roll over, over the cost of the longer period plans.

Say for example you did 4 months at the 1 month cost, that’s $120. Instead you could have just gone for the 6 month term and spent just over $80. Again, that’s a hell of a difference. Go for the long term, that’s where your value is here.


  • Large format photos – view larger photos so you can see ALL the details
  • Advanced searches – Using different criteria you can seek at specific traits or photo only profiles for example.
  • Unlimited chatting – There’s nothing worse than having a maximum message count per day. Imagine replying to a flirty message and trying to arrange a meet when disaster strikes and you get a ‘sorry you have reached your limit’ message! Nooooooo!
  • Send winks – Have some flirty fun and make sure someone knows you like them. A bit like the ‘come hither’ look but now you have winks to help you do it.
  • Join up by using Facebook – instead of having to type your details in, your Facebook account can become the portal. I wouldn’t suggest it if you are trying to keep it a secret or have a shared computer.
  • Add friends to your list to see when they are online. Flirt encourages you to be social, make friends as well as hook ups.
  • Updates – Never miss what’s happening with nearby matches and see what they are up to.
  • Notifications bar – See your winks, messages, updates and more at the top of the page, updated live.


It’s not your hardcore meet type of place but it does offer a social and friendly atmosphere buzzing with loads of members. There’s no fun games to play or live cams, it’s what I would call a tame site but if you aren’t into the hardcore side of the adult dating world, Flirt might be the one for you.

If your check list is easy, fun, casual, premium and value for money, you’ve got it.

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